Handmade Wedding Gifts

Shot of Carissa and Randy during their wedding ceremony


Shot of Carissa and Randy during their wedding ceremony

Wedding season is upon us! Whether you’re getting married or just attending, we all share the same burden: Wedding Gifts! Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite, unique handmade wedding gifts. They also happen to be from some pretty cool artisans! You can buy for your bridal party or take as the ultimate personalized wedding gift!

Unique Wedding Gifts


Laughing Saint Fragrance – You want unique? How about a hand blended, unique fragrance? A great gift idea for bridal parties or gifts for the betrothed. With enough notice, they can even make a signature fragrance for your main squeeze.  


Find and Beautify – What does every home need? F.A.B.ulous decor. Find and Beautify reclaims old and rundown furniture and turns them into amazing custom creations. They can customize almost any piece to meet your needs. Give a great wedding gift that will look great wherever it’s placed. 

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Country Witch Candles – If you’re looking for something a Magickal, these candles and oils are for you! Handcrafted with care, these candles will make a great gift and blessing for years to come!


Gud Mood Essentials – Handcrafted, natural, and beautiful, these bath and body products look as fresh and clean as they’ll make you feel. Soaps and body scrubs make great gifts for a bridal shower and other wedding events.



Peacey Vibes – Custom hand-lettered signs, stationery and other gifts give the ultimate personal touch. Chalkboards, artwork, and notes are great ways to remember such an important day and make great gifts to tell amazing wedding stories.


Make sure you check them all out and show them some love. Most will ship, so even if you’re not local, you can still win with an amazing gift!

When Your Wedding Goes off Schedule

Shot of Carissa and Randy during their wedding ceremony

When Your Wedding Goes Off Schedule

Putting together a wedding schedule takes military precision. From the time breakfast arrives, to coordinated transportation, to when the cake cutting happens. The problem is weddings are a day-long live event, which means something is bound to go wrong. This was the case with Carissa and Randy’s special day. 

Wedding Schedule Disaster

Most weddings are usually running 10-15 minutes behind. Flowers were late, make-up took too long, someone took a wrong turn. It happens! If you have a great wedding planner they’ll plan for little delays here and there. It’s what they do. 

Unfortunately for Carissa and Randy, they ended up being over an hour behind schedule!

The original plan was for pictures and video of the bridesmaids getting ready and the first look to start at 11:30. We’d spend an hour shooting and then head to the ceremony at 12:30 and the bridesmaids’ shuttle bus would leave at 12:45 for a 1pm ceremony. 

It was 12:45 when I headed to the church, not to bad. Then the wait began. 

1:00pm, 1:15pm, 1:30pm. No bridesmaids. Worry sets in and questions start. Come to find out that the shuttle bus broke down on the way to the bridesmaids and the back-up shuttle did as well. Around 2:10 the pastor let us know that the bridesmaids were on the way and they’d be walking off the shuttle and into the church. 

Shot of Carissa and Randy during their wedding ceremony

While the wedding went off with no problem once the bride arrived, there was a scheduling issue. The rest of the day was now behind by an hour and a half. This meant the photo session, both at the church and reception, was going to have to run a lot faster. Why? The reception venue and DJ are expecting us at a specific time. Plus, the reception has it’s own schedule and set end time!

Luckily it worked out. We worked with the photographers to make sure that the family members needed for photos where lined up and ready to go so it expedited the process. We also alter how we shot to compliment what the photographer needed, cutting the photo session time down. While dinner did start a little late, once the reception and dancing was underway, no one remembered that we were running behind and everyone had an amazing time. 

While you want to make sure you plan for little delays make sure the wedding vendors you’re working with have the flexibility and personalities that allow for quick thinking if things go very wrong. This is one reason we don’t have a set amount of hours we’re with you. We cover the day because we’re there to not only capture your day but to help it go smoothly. And sometimes that means adjusting quickly to disasters!

Contact us today to see how we can help make your day even more special. 

Looking for a Vineyard Wedding – Gibson Wedding Highlight

Wedding Videography - Gibson Wedding

If you’re looking for a vineyard wedding, you must see The Monterre Vineyards in the Lehigh Valley, which offers gorgeous views for wedding videography. It’s an amazing venue that offers full services with lovely spots for the ceremony, a spacious reception venue, views to make even the most special day even more memorable. Shoshanna and Jonathan were a fun and adventurous couple and shooting their wedding was a great time.  

Wedding Videography - Gibson Wedding

Vineyard Wedding

We can’t say enough about Monterre Vineyards! The beautiful vines, amazing views, and great staff made shooting Shoshanna and Jonathan’s day so easy. Monterre has a coordinated and focused staff and only does one wedding at a time, and even has it’s own DJ set up. The couple had a fairly large (and fun) bridal party, which can sometimes be an issue, but with so much space to roam and rows of vines to shoot in, it was easy to be creative and get lost in the moment!

Lehigh Valley Wedding Videography

As always, if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in NEPA or the surrounding area, send us a note! We’d love to capture your special day!

Where to Find your Wedding Videographer

To say that weddings are a business is a vast understatement. From flowers, to venues, yes…photographers and videographers, everyone seems to be willing to give you the day of your dreams…for a fee.

But have you ever thought about where you’re finding these vendors at? Today there are tons of sites that offer you one stop shopping for your wedding vendors. From The Knot, to Wedding Wire, to WedPlan, these sites will give you access to wedding vendors from all over…but does being listed there really mean they are the pick of the litter?

In business, one of the prevailing notions is ‘you have to spend money to make money’ and that’s what many of these sites prey on. Most of these sites have free listings that are usually nothing more than an image, url and brief description. The ones that have video, multiple images, blog post and so on are paying a pretty penny to get your attention. And that’s where things get hairy. You’re connecting with your vendors through a third party who is also making a profit. The ranking on those sites have nothing to do with the service they provide, but everything to do with the price they pay.

Now I’m not saying that they aren’t great companies, they very well could be. I’m just saying that brides and grooms should do some deeper digging. It take a lot of time to keep those sites up-to-date with relevant info to attract you. Time that could be spent elsewhere. If a company is listed on as few as 5 sites, that’s a heavy time investment. The thing is all that work only helps the company on the vendor site…not theirs! If they are writing blogs, updating video/photos and such for that site…they are increasing search traffic in the wrong place.

collage-dan-copyAs a small business owner, I’d much prefer you spend time on my site (that I’m already paying for) and work with me directly. When I get notification from these sites…you’re just a name, email and usually ‘expected budget’. Working with clients, whether corporate or for a wedding, should be about the relationship we build. For me to best capture your day, I need to get to know you, not some questionnaire.  Sure, we’ll eventually have a face-to-face, but that’s after a few mediated contacts that I had to pay for. Of course I’m going to really try to net you, regardless of whether or not a good fit, because I’m paying to talk to you!

Also, if the vendor you find is any good, they probably have contacts and connections locally to wedding venues, caterers and other vendors. Local small businesses win and you’ll get a chance to really get to connect with and find a good match. I think of the Knot and other sites like wikipedia…use them to get some general info, but then dig deeper to really find what you’re looking for.

In the end, I’m willing to bet you’ll be happier with those around you on your special day!