Authenticity and Content Creation

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Ask anyone in business what’s one of the best ways to engage and grow relationships with potential clients and they’ll tell you through your content. We’re not talking advertising, we mean consistent authentic content about you and your business. Showing people what separates you and why they should trust you. Owner Dan Kimbrough recently moved from behind the board to in front of the mic on the Wilkes-Barre Connect Podcast and discussed why authenticity matters in your content amongst other topics.

Creating Authentic Content While Running a Business

The problem is, how do you create and continually publish content while running and maintaining your business? Can you afford to hire a full-time content creator to create and publish all of this content? Probably not if you’re a small to medium-size business.

That’s where we come in. We come to you and spend a few hours a week documenting you and your process and help create authentic and branded content to engage your audience. All you have to do is run your business and we’ll help to tell your story.

Give us a free test drive and see if we can’t help ease your content woes.

Wilkes-Barre Connect Podcast Appearance

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Wilkes-Barre Connect Podcast Appearance

Part of the work we do is providing podcasting support for the Wilkes-Barre Connect Podcast out of the Think Center in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA. Normally our owner, Dan Kimbrough, is behind the board but in the episode the focus was on him and summer intern Jules Priest.

For the Love of Podcasting

If you follow us on any social media, you know we love podcasting. It offers a great way to tell your story as a brand, but also tell so many other stories. Communities, history, fiction, news, etc. It’s a great medium and it really removes many of the barriers to creating content.

I had a great time with Nick and Mariah, as I always do, on the show. If you’re local to NEPA and looking for a place to discuss your business and what you’re doing in the community, the Wilkes-Barre Connect Podcast is a good option. 

If you’re looking to get started or just want some pointers on starting a podcast, shoot us a message!

One Too Many Wedding Surprises

photo of nikon camera overlooking harvey's lake

One Too Many Wedding Surprises - Sara and Sean

Sean planned a stellar day for he and Sara. Jokes flew all day about how long he’d waited to get married, so it seemed he was going to make sure that he got the most out of the day and had a couple of wedding day surprises planned. 

As an Eagles fan and employee, Sean part of the Philadelphia Eagles Pep Band and Swoop come up from Philly to surprise Sara. They played at the cocktail hour and took photos with the bride and groom, as well as some of the guest. Then there were the surprise bagpipers that lead the ceremony and reception off. Sara and Sean had a good time dancing an Irish Jig to kick off the reception. They even had a quick boat ride planned around Harvey’s Lake. While not a total wedding surprise, it was a really cool idea. 

Special touches like these can make your wedding video and overall day that much more special because they add a personal touch to all the festivities.

Surprise, It's the Wedding Police

photo of nikon camera overlooking harvey's lake

While waiting on Sara and Sean to come back ashore, we noticed that another boat on the lake had stopped them. At first we thought it was well wishers given the “Just Married” sign. But as time passed and a second boat appeared, we realized it was actually the Lake’s boating authorities. The boat Sean and Sara were in had just been remodeled, but had forgotten to display its license properly and the fire extinguisher was in the wrong place. 

For Sara and Sean, it was a bit of an inconvenience to sit and wait for the inspection and ticket to be written. The ordeal took about 45 minutes. Luckily, they were both good sports about it and in the wedding video we have them coming ashore smiling and waving. Plus, they now have a truly unique story about their special day.  Remember, if you have surprises and special events planned, always add in extra time for delays and mishaps. This way you can keep you stress levels to a minimum and enjoy all the ups and downs of the day!

If you’re in need of wedding videography, let us know!