Wedding Videography – Paupst Wedding

Jackie and Dave are great people and we had an amazing time doing their wedding videography! Wedding and ceremony took place at The Barn at Glistening Pond, which offers a unique setting and amazing views.

Paupst Wedding Videography image

Paupst Wedding Videography

The day started off a little worrisome with the weather as it’s been one of the rainiest summers of the last few years. We lucked out that whenever we popped outside, the rain would stop. About an hour before the ceremony the rain came to the end and the sun peaked out. As usual, we follow the photogs around and do our best to work with them. We were blessed to be with the Knot Just Any Other Day and able to capture some great video while they snapped away.

As always, if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in NEPA or the surrounding area, send us a note! We’d love to capture your special day!

How to Flip Video for IGTV

Vertical video is catching on, but if you’re a traditional filmmaker or have old content to share in IGTV, this tutorial will show you how to flip video for IGTV so your content can be see in its widescreen glory!

I completely fumble through the wording as my mouth and mind clearly work at two different paces, but the process works as shown in the video. Regardless of your encoder/compressor, the steps are pretty simple (below).

The idea is you have a video that’s 1920px wide and you need to not only rotate it but also crop it. Rotating will only show the middle 1080px of your image, giving you a 1080×1080 square with black flags on the side.

After rotating, you’ll need to expand the top and bottom (this is actually typing in a negative value) both by -420. This add 840px to you 1080px high image, making 1920px high.

Lastly, you’ll need to crop both sides in (this is actually typing in a positive value) 420px from each side. This subtracts 840px from you 1920px wide image, making 1080px wide.

This way you’ve rotated, expanded the height, and cropped the width giving you the exact proportions for IGTV!

Flip Video for IGTV image

Flip Video for IGTV

  1. Rotate 90°CW
  2. Crop both the top and bottom (negative) -420.
  3. Crop the left and right (positive) 420

If you need help shooting your IGTV video or looking on how to get started creating a channel, let us know!

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Wedding Video – Breger Highlight

Lindsay and Matt Breger Wedding Highlight

When Lindsay, an old friend, reached out looking for a wedding video I was thrilled. Then terrified. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, but shooting one for a friend can be a bit scary. Not because of the process or anything technical, more keeping your focus! We managed to focus and capture Lindsay’s magical day while still finding time to catch up and reminsce.

Wedding Video – Breger Highlight

Photo of Lindsay and Matt's wedding video.

It rained terribly the night before and there was some worry about the wedding venue, the Rodale Institute, might be waterlogged. We lucked out with a gorgeous day that was just dry enough to proceed. Rodale is an amazing venue and we had a blast celebrating. They have a great repurposed old barn we used for the ceremony and a lovely garden pavilion where we had the ceremony

Looking for a wedding videographer, contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!