About Us

Since opening in 2007, Park Multimedia has focused on creating engaging and dynamic stories. We started as a legacy media production and have evolved with the industry. Still rooted in legacy media, we have shifted to include a focus on online and social media. Park produces commercials and corporate videos, online video series, online welcome videos, shoots event as well as branding photography, records podcast and assists with online media strategy. We’re a small business that is passionate about what we do; Telling stories.


Dan Kimbrough

Dan Kimbrough is a content creator who works with individuals and businesses to best tell their stories through media. Dan knows the power of content and storytelling in reaching an audience and branding a business. He has 20+ years of media experience and has worked with ESPN, as a documentary filmmaker, production manager, professor, podcast producer, photographer, editor, and more 

The Team

team member Eleni
Marketing/Business Manager

Eleni Konstas

Merging the creative production skills of her communication bachelors, strategies of her MBA, and a decade long career in digital marketing across ecom, SMBs, and automotive, there’s a reason Eleni is called the problem solver. In addition to photography, food, and DEI, Eleni is passionate about supporting others, and helping small business owners find their potential online.

Rich Tall

Richard Baldovin

With over a decade of hands on experience behind the camera, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about what’s behind the lens. Rich Baldovin comes to us with experience from conferences, live events, weddings, and more. From editing to operating Rich is the cornerstone of the camera work we offer at Park