Brandon Carpenella

Spring 2023 – Brandon Carpenella

Brandon joined Park Multimedia as an intern and hit the ground running Brandon assisted with podcast production and editing from the beginning. His ability to learn quickly and understand  tech allowed for one podcast series to be launched ahead of schedule and another to increase frequency. 
Brandon also took to photography quickly and eventually took on shooting assignments and editing of all photo projects. Brandon has been an amazing asset and we can’t wait to see what he does next. 

In his own words:

I have developed and enhanced many skills throughout my internship at Park Multimedia. Photography has been my focus, learning about and becoming confident in shooting portraits, street photography, and events. I now also have a basic understanding of operating many camera accessories.
While working on photography and podcasting, I’ve gained knowledge of Audacity Audio Editor and Adobe Lightroom. I have also gained behind-the-scenes media production experience. I was given creative freedom for these projects and am proud of what I’ve learned to be able to do.

Assistant Podcast Editor