When Your Wedding Goes off Schedule

Shot of Carissa and Randy during their wedding ceremony

When Your Wedding Goes Off Schedule

Putting together a wedding schedule takes military precision. From the time breakfast arrives, to coordinated transportation, to when the cake cutting happens. The problem is weddings are a day-long live event, which means something is bound to go wrong. This was the case with Carissa and Randy’s special day. 

Wedding Schedule Disaster

Most weddings are usually running 10-15 minutes behind. Flowers were late, make-up took too long, someone took a wrong turn. It happens! If you have a great wedding planner they’ll plan for little delays here and there. It’s what they do. 

Unfortunately for Carissa and Randy, they ended up being over an hour behind schedule!

The original plan was for pictures and video of the bridesmaids getting ready and the first look to start at 11:30. We’d spend an hour shooting and then head to the ceremony at 12:30 and the bridesmaids’ shuttle bus would leave at 12:45 for a 1pm ceremony. 

It was 12:45 when I headed to the church, not to bad. Then the wait began. 

1:00pm, 1:15pm, 1:30pm. No bridesmaids. Worry sets in and questions start. Come to find out that the shuttle bus broke down on the way to the bridesmaids and the back-up shuttle did as well. Around 2:10 the pastor let us know that the bridesmaids were on the way and they’d be walking off the shuttle and into the church. 

Shot of Carissa and Randy during their wedding ceremony

While the wedding went off with no problem once the bride arrived, there was a scheduling issue. The rest of the day was now behind by an hour and a half. This meant the photo session, both at the church and reception, was going to have to run a lot faster. Why? The reception venue and DJ are expecting us at a specific time. Plus, the reception has it’s own schedule and set end time!

Luckily it worked out. We worked with the photographers to make sure that the family members needed for photos where lined up and ready to go so it expedited the process. We also alter how we shot to compliment what the photographer needed, cutting the photo session time down. While dinner did start a little late, once the reception and dancing was underway, no one remembered that we were running behind and everyone had an amazing time. 

While you want to make sure you plan for little delays make sure the wedding vendors you’re working with have the flexibility and personalities that allow for quick thinking if things go very wrong. This is one reason we don’t have a set amount of hours we’re with you. We cover the day because we’re there to not only capture your day but to help it go smoothly. And sometimes that means adjusting quickly to disasters!

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Summer 2019 Internship

Summer 2019 Internship

Park Multimedia is currently looking for a few summer interns. The internship will focus on content creation and brand marketing. If you’re looking to get coffee and breeze through the summer, this one ain’t for you!

Our interns will work directly with us on our summer shoots and learn from first hand experience. And by learn, we do mean LEARN. You’ll be working with a former professor who’s taught everything from basic video production to social media management. 

While this is an unpaid internship, you will have the chance to engage with local businesses and entrepreneurs. You’ll also have artifacts for your portfolio when the summer is over. 

The hours will vary as this a media based internship, so we’ll work with your availability when scheduling. 

Lastly, while we don’t have a studio, we do work out of a co-working office space that we’ll be meeting at when not out on shoots. The bulk of the work will be field related, but there will also be editing and post scheduling that will need to be done as well. For more information, read over our internship call. 

If you’re interested in applying, please send us a cover letter, resume and link to your online portfolio. Your resume can be part of portfolio if it’s already there. 

Accepting applications through March 31, 2019. 

Cargill Solutions – Display Videos

Cargill shoot set

Cargill Solutions - Display Videos

One of our recent video shoots took us to Hazleton, PA to work with Cargill Solutions. They were looking for a series of different display videos to run in-house for the employees. We met with them and figured out the best game plan for shooting and got ready.

The goal was to create three sets of display videos. First being overall welcome to the Hazleton facility. They had a visit from corporate coming up and wanted all levels of the staff involved in welcoming them.

The second was a series of correct/incorrect videos on differing things around the facility to reinforce procedures and rules. These were fairly simple and straight forward. 

Lastly were a set of safety welcome videos. These are a way to welcome employees in each day and stress certain areas of safety (chemical, electrical, forklifts, etc).

Display Videos

Overall the shoot was fairly simple and everyone was great. The edit took some finessing as each video needed subtitles as the facility has a high rate of Spanish speaking employees. So making sure the translations were correct and the right spots took a few revisions. The last hurdle was the monitors themselves. Keeping the quality high enough for broadcast, but within the limits of the individual monitors took some trial and error, but we got it right in the end!

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Volunteers In Medicine – Event Photography

Annual Event Photography - Volunteers In Medicine

Recently, we had the chance to work with the Volunteers in Medicine of Luzerne County and photograph their 2019 Annual Luncheon. We had a great time and got the chance to hear from some of the patients who’d VIM has helped.

[flickr_set id="72157679059830738"]

About Volunteers in Medicine

VIM offers no cost health care to those with low to no income. It’s a great organization and comes in handy for everyone. If you’re lacking insurance and need some help, I’d highly suggest finding your local VIM.

The annual meeting and luncheon was their way of giving acknowledgement to all the individuals and organizations that make the work the do possible. It was a really great event to cover.

If you’ve got an event or party that you’re looking to get photos of, shoot us a message!