Social Media Training

So you have a great marketing and or branding team who’s performing well with traditional and some online marketing. You know you need to do more with social and creating a presence, but you don’t want to break up your current team or have to hire an outside company to run your social media for some undetermined length of time.

Does This Sound Like Your Dilemma?

This is where our social media brand training can help. Rather than hire someone to run your social and interfere with the chemistry your team already has, hire someone to train your team. They can learn to build your social presence in the best environment possible, your business. Also, who knows your business better than your own team?

Let Us Train Your Team to Share Your Companies Story

Rather than pay for extra schooling, which requires more work out of work, let them learn on the job. They will learn to create content while at work, which can then be used to help brand your company. Our social media training team teaches your team based on what equipment you have or what upgrades you can make. This way, when the course is over, they already have content and they’ve learned the process on the equipment they’ll be using day-to-day.

Social Media Traning

  • Equipment and social media platform assessment.
  • Dedicated instructor for 10-15 hours a week.
  • On-site training and content creation.
  • Evaluation and feedback throughout the entire process.
  • Set of clearly defined goals, designed to move your team from skill introduction through mastery.
  • 3-month curriculum designed by a former professor and current practitioner.
  • A team that can now do your social, in-house.

If you're ready to take your online branding to the next level, let's talk!