GoPro Really Does Go Anywhere


About a year ago I bit the bullet and bought a GoPro HD Hero 2 with plans of using it in all sorts of situations. Sadly, it’s been collecting dust and really hasn’t seem much usage. A few test shoots here and there, but nothing to amazing.

Recently I’ve more time and really focused on getting the hang of it and it’s a great addition to Park’s Camera Packages. In doing weddings videography, I think we’re going to test it as a behind the scenes camera and to some time-lapse photography of brides and grooms getting ready and using it as an aerial camera in the church.

Back in February, we taped the Subnotics at the Jazz Cafe in Wilkes-Barre for a concert and in hindsight it would have been a great overhead or even better over the drummer shot. They always seem to get lost in the back!

It’s a great little camera and I’m happy I’ve got the time to finally realize its full potential. The next documentary we’ll be finishing will be featuring shots from it and we’re going to help cover the Peculiar Music Festival and it will definitely be put to use there!