dustin-douglas-and-the-electric-gentlemen-02You Rock

…so why not show the world! Great band photography can help you spread your musical awesomeness by showing the world just how much fun your shows can be. Shooting music is where we started and we’d love to help you show the world your stuff.  The best part, it’s free to start. Yes FREE band photography. 

Here’s How it Works

You’ve got a gig and you want some photos. Let us know. If we’re free, we’ll be there. We’ll cover about an hour of your show, usually the length of a set. We’ll edit the photos and have a web-ready set of photos, with our watermark, in about 2 weeks. We’ll post them to our Facebook and Flickr pages and you can download and share/use the photos however you want. We just ask that you don’t remove/crop out the watermark.

What’s the Catch?

No catch. Web-ready, watermarked photos free to you to use. We get some great shots to help raise our profile and you get some shots to help promote your band as well. Win – Win.  If, and there is no push for you to do so, you want the full res photographs without the watermark, the cost is $175. Flat fee and you’ll get all the photos, watermark free at full resolution. Again, you can use them as you want. Posters, ads, album art…whatever you want.